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Online Privacy Statement
We have recorded your privacy information including your delievry address and telephone number, with which in mind we have applied online privacy statement. Using this website stands for you are willing to tell us your personal information, using and disclosing what the statement says. If you do not, please do not use this website. The address of this statement is:
Information Gathering
The information we have collected is stored in your personal orders account. We do not sell our products to children directly, and will not collect any personal information deliberately. You must be an adult with an age above 13 to provide your personal information to us, including the website registered or placed orders, or participating in one of our online activities. Please refer to our terms for usage to understand other information related to the usage of this website.
The information we have collected is provided by you, for example, when your personal information are used to register, place orders, finish investigation, participate in one of our activities, and contact with us. The personal information we collected from you may include your name, e-mail address, telephone number, password and payment information. We may also receive information from the third party such as address update service according to the information you have provided to us.
We encourage you to register on our shopping website, but it is not necessary. Our registration form requires you to provide contact information, such as name, mailing address, billing address, telephone number, e-mail address and password. You must be an adult with an age above 13 to register. Registration helps us to provide you with a fast and easy purchase experience. The customer contact information you provided on the registration form will be applied to contact you and answer your questions about order status. Besides, your information will be applied to send you e-mails to update the sales coming soon, competition, promotion and product information unless you choose to logout. You should admit and agree that you have obligation to maintain your registration information and the security of your password. If you like, you can also fill in a client file, although which is not necessary. However, it is beneficial for us to understand our clients from the information acquired from the personal information of clients, and it is used to improve the shopping experience of our clients. 
Use of Information
We use the information we have collected for the following purposes:
1. to provide you with a fast and easy purchase experience;
2. to handle your orders, to contact with you about order status, to answer your queations, or to contact you with other methods when necessary;
3. to inform you the sales, promotion and products information coming soon;
4. to inform you to take part in our promotional events such as competition;
5. to help us understand our website visitors and clients much better, and improve their shopping experience and our services;
6. to deal with the problems of our website, our business, or our products and services, and to ensure the security of our website and business;
7. to inform you the coming promotional events of our partner, or disclose to you at information collection site.
Information Disclosure
We may disclosure your personal information to:
1. the carefully selected third party to let them inform you privilege and promotion activities and service you.
2. our website which will obtain and use your personal information you provided on our website, and also use your information to authorize to prevent fraud and reduce credit risks, or use them to do website evaluation and data analysis.
3. our website partners and other parties who may use your information when they help us operate our website or estahlish business, as long as these external parties agree, they will keep the confidentiality of your information.
4. be compliance with laws, respond to the query or requirement of government, execute the policies of our website, protect our and others rights, property or safety.
5. the third party advertising partners and service providers. The information we disclosed may include the trade information between you and us. Our advertising partners will make the data we provided anonymous and will not reveal your personal information such as your name, address, e-mail address and so on, they will provide you with ads according to your rights and interests.
Otherwise, your consensus!